Kibera Fashion

KIBERA FASHION WEEK is a project within European Spaces of Culture, which aims to test and Implement innovative models of collaboration in culture between European actors – EUNICmembers and EU Delegations – and local partners in non-EU countries, delivering the EU strategic approach to international cultural relations. European Spaces of Culture is a Preparatory Action …

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Woman In Pursuit

It is important to remember that woman play a very significant role in agricultural production in Kenya, however, they are often accorded little or attention at all. The lack of adequate information on the level of women participation in agricultural production has helped to underestimate their importance in agricultural production and hence led to their …

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Winner Takes it All: 2022 Election Results reactions.

Elections in Kenya  are mainly dominated by a winner-takes it-all mentality due to the consolidation of power in the executive branch. Though Kenya has had multiparty elections since 1992, the opposition has little power in the government. “If you lose the election you, you have little say in the ruling government. In some cases, opposition …

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