Centuries ago children were almost invisible and childhood was inconceivable.There were no perception of children as different from anyone else. Childhood was seen as a period of immaturity. As such it was expected that during this period children should be trained with obedience and discipline . From a young age, children were expected to help with work within the family. They were expected to continue helping until they were able or willing to leave the house. As they grew, children were given more physically demanding or harder jobs.

In modern society, childhood is seen as a particular period of life that human beings have to undergo. It is separate from other periods of life and has some special needs that must be fulfilled. Modern society has designed codes of ethics and laws that deal with this period of life. this does not surely depict a true image of both worlds but having spent time in a rural village in western Kenya, I could tell that although this children live in the mordern , They still have a footing in both worlds.