Winner Takes it All: 2022 Election Results reactions.

Elections in Kenya  are mainly dominated by a winner-takes it-all mentality due to the consolidation of power in the executive branch. Though Kenya has had multiparty elections since 1992, the opposition has little power in the government. “If you lose the election you, you have little say in the ruling government. In some cases, opposition members of Parliament often don’t even show up to conduct the business of parliament.

Because elections are such high-stakes affairs, political candidates are accustomed to hiring groups of young, armed men to protect their interests. This move as often depicted Kenya as a country that votes along ethnical borderlines. This is however is not true, Contrary to prevailing attitudes, Kenyans have not traditionally identified themselves by ethnic group and studies have shown they do not have significant feelings of ethnic injustice. Most reactions are as a result of loyalty and the pain of losing. Images of Emotions running high in kibera after the presidential elect announcement. Deputy president William Ruto was declared the winner of Kenya presidential elections 2022 narrowly beating his rival Raila Odinga, a political veteran who commands a sizable number of supporters in Kibera.