Kibera fashion week is a platform that brings designers and creatives from Kenya and the EU to showcase their creativity and rethink an ethical and sustainable fashion industry. It’s focused on the creation of a new narrative, encouraging local production and engagement and breaking global hierarchies of production and consumption of fashion. Kibera is the best place to start this movement. While it is often portrayed as a place of hopelessness in need of help and so called “development aid”, it is in fact a diverse metropolis in itself. Booming with creativity. Constantly evolving and innovating. KFW want to change the narrative and create a platform for the community to realize and showcase that potential. It firmly believe that the world can learn a lot from the people of Kibera and they possess the skills to become leaders in a sustainable and ethical creative industry. The first step will be to rethink sustainability and take colonial structures into account. True sustainability empowers local creators and craftspeople to create high-quality products, build community centered and sustainably sourced production chains and tap into local markets. Not cleaning up other people’s waste. This is the message we want to send and the goal we strive to reach.